The best facial wash

Saturday, May 23, 2015

.... is (drumroll please) plain water! 

Not kidding here girls!

See, I used to hear older people say that plain water is actually all we need on our face. No facial cleansers, no moisturisers, no night creams, no eye gels, no Sephora (who isn't guilty of this right? :p), no nothing.

But then again, we all know that being a woman is all about experiments, right ladies? We really do all sorts of 'em; on our face, on the hair, on the body, with the supplements, and let's be honest, with literally everything under the sun.

In my own nutshell, I simply think that women are born to be scientists (not).

So far, I have recieved dozens of 'scientist certifications' from many 'Youtube scientists' just by watching tons of their videos online, but this got me thinking recently.

If I hadn't started with that very first 'experiment' with that very first facial wash that I bought almost 15 years ago, would I still need to deal with the so-called 'standard' facial regime of washing, scrubbing, putting on masks, moisturising, bla bla for the past 15 years that I had lived?

And possibly for the rest of my life??

Okey well, probably not, that is too radical already hehe.

But still, I don't know if the net is being helpful either guys, and I don't know whether I should trust everything on the internet anymore now, you know, the best moisturiser in 2015 la, top 10 facial eye creams in the world la, make up reviews la, this la, that la. Ergh. Fooled me into buying them all the time!

And seriously, I can't even begin to imagine how much chemicals I have slathered on my face up to today.


So yeah, back to plain water. I tried this so-called 'caveman facial regime' for a few months and guess what, it really worked!

The idea is to basically minimise the amount of chemicals intake in our daily life, be it topical, or food intake. So during the few months that I was on the regiment, I kinda tried to look out for organic food or at least the non-processed ones. You may say that it is the change in my food intake that made the difference, but I personally think that both come just hand-in-hand to make such difference.

Try it for yourself to experience it :)

P/s: Don't put too high of a hope though, coz what works for me might not work for everyone else. Good luck!


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