My name is Yazrina.

I am currently temporarily residing in Dublin, doing my ACCA professional papers. You might find most of the posts for the last 9 months in relation to ACCA and life in Dublin as well as me whining about how much I miss Malaysia and my family.

My main purpose of blogging when I first created a blogger account was to improve my writing skill. This still remains as the main reason that I still exist in this blogging world until today.

You may contact me at: yazrinayusoff@gmail.com, just in case :)

I guess that's roughly all about me. Do read the blog if you want to know more, okey?



1 May 2015
It has been super long since I last blogged. As soon as I came back from Dublin in late 2010, I couldn't find time to blog anymore since working life was so out of hand. So many things had happen in the last 4 years and I had just recently decided to quit my job and focus on my marriage and family, so hopefully starting from now, you'll see more of me on this blog :)

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